Work Readiness for School Leavers

Centiment Development's Work Readiness Workshop for School Leavers is a hands-on training programme on business etiquette, basic computer skills and personal finance skills for young adults.The course has been designed to enable young people who are unprepared for the job market to connect with the corporate world, and enhance their social interaction, job performance and career prospects.


  • Promoting your organisation's brand and reputation
  • Highlighting your company's commitment to help employees' families/community
  • Identifying potential bursary holders and high performing individuals for future employment
  • Increasing the BBBEEE score for Skills Development and Corporate Social Investment

  • Considering your company as a future employer
  • Understanding their strenths and shortcomings
  • Presenting themselves to companies for employment
  • Understanding what companies require from employees
  • Writing effective CVs
  • Using computer skills: basic Word and Excel
  • Using different platforms to find employment
  • Understanding budgeting, saving, investment principles and consumer protection

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The programme is supported by a communication and monitoring and evaluation programme