Minute Taking and Meeting Management Training

The role of the minute taker is much broader than it seems. While it is important to understand what it entails to take minutes, it is also vital to know meeting procedures and the implications of different types of meetings on the minutes and meeting procedures. To this end Centiment Development has added information to the South African Qualifications Authority's existing programme of Business, Commerce and Management Studies: Plan and prepare meeting communications (SAQA US ID: 13934).



  • High content, practical and interactive courses to make the taking of notes and writing of minutes at formal and informal meetings easier.
  • Accredited material at National Qualification Framework Level Three.


  • Roles and responsibilities before, during and after meetings
  • Implications of various types of meetings on the minutes
  • Notices and agendas
  • Organisational tips and hidden variables
  • Note-taking techniques and listening skills
  • Different types of minutes
  • What to include and what to ignore in minutes
  • Legal implications
  • How to write concise, clear, accurate and unbiased minutes
  • The distribution, corrections, filing and storing of minutes 


  • Anyone who takes or will take minutes at meetings of boards, committees or volunteer groups
  • Chairs who want to obtain a deeper understanding of what minutes should reflect
  • Suitable for beginners to advanced users

Condensed Training Workshop:

  • 5 hours, short all-inclusive course
  • Comprehensive course material
  • Peppy and dynamic

Intermediate Training Workshop:

  • 7 hours, comprehensive workshop
  • Practise what you learn with included exercises
  • Everything explained step-by-step for quick comprehension

Extensive Training Workshop:

  • 12 hours (two days) comprehensive workshop
  • Assessment Option
  • To qualify for assessment all workshop activities in the workbook must be completed; as well as all module tests; workplace evidence assignments and a final integrated summative test.
  • National Certificate of Competency if found competent by an external assessor and moderator.


Nigel Michaels

As required for our ISO Systems, the outcome of training received met the crucial requirements and effectively delivered the outputs for management reviews. Personnel are now able to minute decisions and glean sections of important information of what is to be done and furnish constructive actions appropriately. Thank you for a professional course that guarantees a positive outcome!

Really enjoyed it. It was really interesting and there were enough activities and lots of information.

Grace Generation Church

Wentzel Lawler

Epworth Preparatory School for Boys and Girls High School for Girls

Most informative. Never too old to learn!