Think Before Your Meet

Without a great recipe for MEETINGS, they become pesky unproductive soul-sucking events. This month I am sharing Centiment Development's best recipe for great, effective meetings where work gets done.

 How to choose the right type of meeting

One sometimes leaves a meeting with that gnawing feeling that the objectives and purpose were not quite met. Knowing what type of meeting to call, can help relevant participants to turn up, ensure that the right type of minutes are taken and that the meeting is productive.

The secret lives of shopaholics

"Oniomania" or compulsive buying disorder (CBD) is an obsessive or uncontrollable urge to buy things to deal with the void inside.

Is there a Sarah Splurger or a Simon Shopper lurking inside you?




We were scratching our heads. Were they cabbage seedlings? Rocket? Whatever they were, these mysterious plants were doing extremely well. Lush green leaves, no insect-nibbled holes – an advertisement for all things wholesome and healthy. 



My Nose for Wood   

I knew it had to happen...

For the past 15 years the house had been crying out loud, drowning me in guilt whenever I stepped onto the dull brown patches, the painfully deep scratch marks and the mysterious bobbly dents.



Oor Ale, Yle en Aksente

My jongste “slagoffers” was familie uit die Vrystaat – ideale proefkonyne vir my aanslag op Jamey Oliver se “Steak and Ale Pie.” Met maandeinde op ons en die sente skaars, het ek die “ale” met goedkoper “milk stout” vervang. Trots en vol bravade het ek die dis van die dag aangekondig: “Bees- en “ale” pastei.